conflict resolution

words to treasure

the kindness of strangers

bathed in light & colour

birds flying high

deck the halls

is he real?


i'll chase the stars & you can paint the moon

thankful for the little things...

a beautiful afternoon

A November Day

come away with me

my two latest charges

my latest challenge

birthday fun and other things

Hilltains or Hountains?

eat well

my slightly alternative pain au chocolat


umbrellas, trees & sunshine

quote of the day

pudding of the day: plum tray bake with a cheesecake swirl

children are wondeful

cute little note

i love to cook

just keep running...


Quite incredible

a little worrying

Activity of the week...

August Antics

it's about time

huffing and puffing

say what you need to say

A little bit o' this, a little bit o' that...

quotes of the week

when time stands still...

back with the kids

my liquid diet (imposed by circumstance, not choice)

a bit of minor 'surgery'