Monday, 13 February 2017

Meal Plan #4

Hello and Happy Monday! You know how there are those phrases like 'creativity breeds creativity' and 'sleep begets sleep'? I am wondering if there is something similar to go along with thinking about food more deliberately resulting in more meal ideas? Completely uneloquent, I know, but I am sure you catch my drift. My point being, as I write this, it is Thursday 9th February and I have already written the meal plan for next week, rather than waiting until Sunday, or half an hour before I go to the supermarket on Monday. I don't think this has ever happened before. Here's the plan for this week:

Dining with The King's
Monday: Sausage Casserole
Tuesday: Takeaway (Perhaps this is a cop out to put on a meal plan, but there we go. Once a month when my in laws come to stay, we have a takeaway curry, and that's happening this week. Such a treat!)
Wednesday: Feta Fritters with rainbow salad, sweet potato fries and pitta bread
Thursday: Chicken Pot Pie (similar to this one but without the lima beans and with extra veg)
Friday: Bean Burgers with homemade red cabbage coleslaw (shredded cabbage, grated carrot & red onion mixed with creme fraiche)

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Meal Plan #3

Here is our meal plan for this week. I have every intention of sharing the meal plan at the start of the week, but right now, time for blogging is limited to evenings, and my current bedtime is as close to 9pm as possible, due to sleep deprivation. Needless to say, this does not leave much time for sitting
down and writing a blog post. So I'm writing this with Jude trying to climb up my legs and Ruby is watching TV. The mushrooms are simmering and I'm counting down the minutes until my husband gets home. What's gracing our table this week...

Dining with The King's
Monday: Cheese & Roasted Tomato orzo
Tuesday: Chicken Divan
Wednesday: Thai Green Curry with noodles
Thursday: Dahl with rice*

As for our lunches, we're enjoying plenty of homemade sourdough with leek & potato soup, or quinoa with scrambled eggs and goats cheese. 

*This meal is being cooked by my good friend Hannah - we did a swap which involved her cooking me a meal in exchange for me cooking her a cake. She loves cooking, I love baking. Everybody wins. 

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Meal Plan #2

When it came to finding a photo of something savoury for this post, I had nothing. The reality is that I take photos of cake far more than I take photos of dinner. So, cake it is! Ruby took this photo on my DSLR (aged 3 years 2 months). I love that she sees me taking photos and wants to learn how to do this too. She handles my DSLR remarkably well considering it is so heavy for her tiny hands, but her increased interest in photography has made me think it would be very worthwhile to buy her a little point and shoot camera. The satisfaction of capturing photos is one that lasts a lifetime, and so worth investing in.

Onto this week's meal plan. I realise that it is almost the end of the week, but I wanted to make a record of this week's meals, because I have no doubt in my mind that I will forget by Sunday what we have eaten, and the whole reason for writing these meal plans is to save me some time in coming up with meal ideas. Last week in my post about our meal plan, one thing I didn't mention is that while I love a good plan, I am also very good at veering from a plan. I like to think that this demonstrates my ability to be flexible, rather than flaky. I veered away from last week's meal plan a couple of times, but with good reason. I had roasted a chicken for Monday's risotto, and there was enough meat left over for two moremeals. So rather than waste perfectly good meat, or put it in the freezer, I made a couple of other meals with it. (Chicken, pesto & pasta and rice pilau with chicken and sausages that I had in the freezer.)

Dining with The King's
Monday: Leftovers
Tuesday: Homemade Quiche (onion, chorizo, spinach)
Wednesday: Roasted salmon & sweet potato bake w/ rice
Thursday: Lasagne
Friday: Slow cooker sweet potato chilli

If you're wondering what we eat at the weekend, I leave the cooking to John, who doesn't plan but comes up with really delicious meals. So, I have no idea what we will eat on Saturday and Sunday, but I have no doubt it'll be wonderful.