Thursday, 27 May 2010

a tiny glimpse

Ever since discovering the beauty of peonies last year, I have not been able to stop thinking about them.

As the sun started to show its face, reminding us that Spring was here, I started looking out for peony buds making their first appearances of the season. So much so, that I have found myself walking to school in the afternoons to collect the children, rather than taking my usual 2 wheeled mode of transport, just so I can search people's front gardens for my favourite flower.

I have not been disappointed. They seem to be everywhere, and I have so enjoyed watching the tight buds unfurling to reveal all of their glory, resplendant at each stage.

What has made my enjoyment of peonies even greater this year is that one of the children I look after has been as utterly taken by peonies as I have, and has taken great delight in finding they have not just one, but two peony bushes in their back garden. Each day I get an update from her on how many new buds there are. I love that I get to share my child-like excitement & appreciation of all the little things with children, and that, every now and then, they catch a bit of my excitement and run with it.

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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

a lovely surprise

Parcels make my day, they really do. Especially unexpected ones.

It was such a treat to come home at the end of a busy week last week and discover a parcel waiting for me with the PanMacmillan publishing label on it. I knew it was going to be good.

Over the last year, I have been incredibly blessed to see many a parcel come through my door from PanMacmillan.

One of the unknown joys of being in a relationship with John is that, along with his wonderful self, I have acquired a whole new set of friends.

Becky is one of these wonderful friends, and every now and then, a new book arrives at her publishing house which she kindly sends my way. It just so happens that Becky works in the children's book department which means my collection of children's books has grown all the more steadily, thanks to Becky.

So, my unexpected parcel last Friday contained 'The Invention of Clouds' and a lovely note from Becky, saying that she knows I love the sky and all of the beauty it has to hold, and so when she saw this book she thought of me.

How blessed I am to have friends like these. Thankyou, Becky, for your thoughtfulness & books.

Now, I'm off to bed to read about the clouds before slipping into dreamland.
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oh yum.

As I cycled home today for my lunchbreak, I stopped off at the greengrocers to hunt for some summer fruits.

For me, one of life's simple pleasures was lived out right there in that moment of cycling on my bike, feeling like a lady because I braved wearing a skirt while cycling, and dreaming about Summer fruits. (Each morning on my way to school I pass another girl cycling on her merry way, always wearing a skirt, her hair billowing freely in the breeze as she cycles without a helmet & I have a tiny bit of envy that I don't look quite so cool on my bike.)

The greengrocers most certainly did not disappoint. I picked up some raspberries (overpriced but so pretty I couldn't resist), a yellow honeydew mango - I've never seen yellow mango's - ever, some strawberries & a lime to squeeze into a chicken & mango salad that's on the meal plan for this week.

I came home a very happy bunny, smiling at how incredible God's creation is that it should bear such deliciously sweet fruits with just a tiny bit of help & work from us.
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Friday, 21 May 2010

alium. we'll call her ali for short.

Well, dear friends, it is officially hot.

I have been relishing the rays today. People are already glowing with the warmth that has finally come our way. Hooray.

In other exciting news, my new baby has arrived.

A beautiful new lens for my camera that is not smashed, and works perfectly.

Weighing in at 50mm, and boasting a beautiful f number of 1.8, she is perfect. I actually jumped up and down when I saw the parcel waiting for me.

I am very happy that I can now get almost as close to my subjects as I would like, rather than needing to stand the other side of the room and having to take umpteen shots before I get one that remotely resembles the settings that I have asked the camera to shoot at. Such is the fun of my quirky, water damaged lens.

I'm looking forward to the fun shooting times that lie ahead with my new baby. I think she's going to teach me a lot about perspective, which is never a bad lesson to learn.
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Monday, 17 May 2010


I currently am surrounded by the amzing scent of lilies emanating from three vases around my room.

For the last week, every time I come up the stairs to my little loft room I am greeted by the intoxicating smell coming from the biggest collection of lilies I've ever had, thanks to my future mother in law giving me the beautiful bouquet last week.

Oh how I love flowers.
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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

cinematic ramblings

This evening I went to the spa.

The Relaxation Centre, to be precise.

Each time I go there, I feel like I am escaping to a far away place, just for a little while.

There are these wonderful wooden beds there that have a way of holding your weight so you feel like a lead weight. They support you so you don't have to think about your posture, and, in some incredible way, they let you rest.

As I lay there, contemplating the bliss I was in, enjoying relaxing this much in the middle of a normal week, I was very conscious that although my body was relaxed, my mind was still ticking over at its usual rate. I wondered at whether or not I should be able to switch off my thoughts completely and drew a blank. I am not someone who naturally compartmentalises their life in their head - my thoughts flick back and forth, back and forth, each one triggering a new thought or memory.

I wondered at how I might organise my thoughts in an effort to help me relax, and found myself writing in my head.

I was taking notes on all the things I was thinking, proverbially putting pen to paper in order to make some sense of things. I noticed how I could not fully switch off from my surroundings; although incredibly quiet, the spa still felt full of noise - of the sound of the hot tub ticking over in a rhythmical way that I couldn't help but tap my foot along too - while noticing the sound of the splash pool that was at a slightly different pitch to the hot tub. I thought about how I associate images with remembering; I will look at the fridge door and remember what my employer was saying to me the last time I looked at it; I recalled the plans for my weekend which played out like a picture forming in my mind, remembering the little pockets of different things that would be happening over the course of the weekend like words being pulled together from an author's mind onto their blank page.

I concluded my thoughts by thinking about how I would come home and write these things out on this little space, to be read by you, whoever you may be, and thought about how curious it is that I like writing here in a place where I really don't know who is reading my thoughts, but that somehow, that's alright, and I enjoy putting my stream of consciousness into written word.

Quite some time ago, when the man who was to become my fiance, discovered my blog, he e-mailed me saying how he loved my cinematic ramblings. I took slight offence that he described my words as ramblings, but then realised that really, I do think in a rambly way that involves a lot of pictures in my head, and I love being able to get them out of my head and put them here.

I have come to appreciate that having a mind that expresses itself in cinematic ramblings is alright, and something that is just a part of who I am.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I've been musing over the last 24 hours what I could write to go alongside this photo. Thoughts came to mind, but nothing that fitted the photo.

My images are in short supply at the moment as I am still to replace my broken lens. I wanted to blog, and I generally like to have an image to accompany my post, but today I have decided to leave it here, because I think the beauty of the rose speaks for itself.

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Thursday, 6 May 2010

and so the nesting begins

Nesting is something I used to associate with expectant mothers, and, while I can't say that I can relate to them as I have never been an expectant mother, I could comprehend why mothers about to bring a babe into the world might feel the need to nest.

All of those years ago, long before a marriage was in my picture, I never thought I'd have the desire to nest before children are about to come onto the scene.

Well, I can tell you that I am well and truly feeling the need to nest at the moment. To make home, to transform a living space into a home. Somewhere that you love to go at the end of the day and relax&unwind in a lovely place.

As I don't have that space just yet, I am making do with dreaming and a little bit of sewing.

Exhibit 1: A small collection of tea towels.

Perhaps the most simple sewing project one could ask for, but it brought me an incredible amount of satisfaction to stitch these three together, knowing that the first time I use them will be when I am living with my very own husband.

And that is very exciting.
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