Friday, 30 April 2010

beautiful words

Writing. We do it all the time. Children spend a long time learning how to do it. Everyone has their own unique style. I love it.

For as long as I can remember, I have been in awe of my grandparents' handwriting. I have often tried to imagine them sitting at their wooden school desks being taught to write by a teacher, some 60 odd years ago, using chalk on a blackboard, being careful not to smudge their carefully curved letters. (These images always play through my mind in black & white.)

Then I wonder at how teaching children this simple art has changed, and I wish I knew how to write beautifully. When I read letters from my Grandmothers, I marvel at the way each letter is so beautifully constructed and long for the ability to make my letters just so.

Since becoming engaged, I have had a lovely number of letters come through my door from my Grandparents and women two generations above me, all in their own typography, yet all with that old familiar curl to their lettering.

With the usual marvelling at their writing has come an added emotional sentiment. I have been moved to read of the encouragement and excitement over my engagement from women who are seeing the next generation of their very own family, branching out, and creating a new family of their own. I am creating a family of my own in marrying John, and growing my own family. Each of our parents gain another son or daughter, in law, and we inherit new parents and all of the wondeful things that comes with family.

I am so very excited to be on this adventure.
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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

this is me.

Some days at nursery I find my attention is particulary taken by a certain child.

Today, this child was a wonderful girl who we have seen grow amazingly in her confidence since she started Nursery in September.

She decided to draw a picture of me. Secretly I hoped that she might decide to give me her artwork, and to my delight, she did just that.

Having described how she had drawn me with a little tummy and crazy sticky-outy hair, she handed me my portrait and said,

'I want you to have it.'

Later on in the morning, I asked her to draw a picture of a person for me as a task that we get all of the children to do each term.

This was her little monologue:

'Haha! It looks rather like a stretchy man! Hair sticking up!.......Your necklace...your t-shirt.
A bit for your bottom - your pants, that is.'

I love that her drawing started off as a man then became me, and that she was considerate enough to clarify that I was going to wear pants in her picture.

On another note of children's brilliance, one of our boys decided he wanted to write a story. He only had time to come up with the beginning, but oh what a perfect beginning it is:

'It was a sunny day. No clouds. No rain. Just sunny.'

The imagination of a four year old is a force to be reckoned with and definitely never underestimated.

I'm thoroughly looking forward to hearing the next installment of his story tomorrow.
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Friday, 23 April 2010

over excited

I feel all over excited because it's the weekend and there's so much to do and look forward to.

I love the weekend even more because it starts now. Friday at lunchtime is when my weekend rolls in.

Here's why I'm excited.

1) I found 2 perfect items for our wedding reception which I might just show you.

2) I bought a large amount of chocolate to bake a whole lot of cookies with.

3) I'm going to sew some tea towels for us to use when we're married. (I love to at least try & be domesticated!)

4) I am going to try on my wedding dress tomorrow with one of my most favourite people in the whole wide world. (Do I sound like a giddy school girl? I feel like one.)

5) I've been inspired by some tiny little ceramic beauties that could possibly be another feature at our wedding.

Oooh I love feeling inspired!
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full circle

This is the glorious sun that has greeted me every morning this week on my way to work.

I love that every year, the beautiful heat of the sun feels the same. Welcoming me to Spring with its warmth on my skin, there really is nothing like it.

At lunchtime, the sun beckons me outside to come sit awhile in its warmth.

Yesterday I did just that in a favourite spot of mine on the Downs. As I found my favourite tree stump to sit on, I remembered vividly the times I spent on the Downs last year at this time.

John and I had just met and I came and sat on this tree stump a lot, either thinking nervously about the time I was about to spend with this amazing man who I really knew very little about, but was very excited about knowing more, or calling my friends, filling them in on my latest thoughts & fears about John and what might possibly be happening. That love might just be about to start growing.

I am so very happy to be able to say that love did indeed grow and I am so excited that I get to marry this man who unknowingly caused me to lose hours of sleep and thinking time because of the profound effect he was having upon me.
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Friday, 16 April 2010

brightening today

As well as the beautiful sunshine, I have these beauties bringing light to my day.

I've been sat at my desk filling in numerous forms required for my teacher training course.

Although it would be wonderful to be outdoors enjoying the warmth of the sun (I have a cold nose because the sun doesn't reach my room until late afternoon) there is something quite satisfying about filling in all of the little details on the forms, crossing my t's and dotting the i's and signing my name numerous times.

It's been exciting to think that in less than 5 months, all of my details will be different.

Apart from my date of birth, on paper, I will be a different person with a different address.

I'll be saying goodbye to the signature that I have had for the last decade or more and bidding 'hello' to my new signature, the one that will say that I am a 'King'.
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Thursday, 15 April 2010

a beautiful day

Last Saturday saw the dawning of a beautiful day.

A Wedding Day.

It saw...

families travelling from the other side of the globe to celebrate
old friends re-united
children dancing and laughing with delight
silent reverence as the bride walked down the isle
delicious cake being consumed
vows being made
the sun shining gloriously.

An utterly beautiful day.

Congratulations, Helen & Jonathan.

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Tuesday, 13 April 2010


I have always been curious about the world we live in and how it is divided up into little, or in fact, rather big pockets, of countries and continents. My thoughts have often tried to travel to faraway places to imagine what it would be like to experiencing living in a different place than here.

But as much as I daydream, I will never fully understand what it's like to live life in another place unless I do it.

As a child, I always thought that I would love to live in another country.

Last week, I had the opportunity to experience a taste of another country. As we walked the streets of Rome, I felt like a fish out of water. I was surrounded by Italians who knew Italy as their way of life. I was in awe of the incredible architecture that you see at every turn and wondered at what those around me thought when they looked upon their heritage.

I invariably find when I am in a country other than my home, I remember the things that are around me on a daily basis in vivid detail, in a way that I do not when I am in the midst of them. I so often forget that the things that make up the world I see are unique to here.

I notice the difference in the colours of the trees and the sound of the birdsong, the unfamiliar smells of shops and cleaning products, the colour of the roads and the people, the flavour of the food. The language and ability to communicate.

I love noticing these differences, and, while appreciating them, I find myself coming to the realisation of how much I love England as my home. I loved thinking how Italians probably feel this about their home, and that for the majority of people all over the world, their home is their reference point for life and all it encompasses.

While there is a merging of cultures that happens when people migrate and take with them something of their Home Land, there will always be distinct differences across the world. Diversity is a beautiful thing.

Yet the astounding fact is that it is possible to embrace another country's way of life; their language, their way of cooking & making coffee just so, their daily routines, and this is just what Mary, my future sister in law, has done.

It's a humbling thing to witness someone who has moved to a foreign country, landing there just like a fish out of water falling on unfamiliar dry land, learning to swim in their new culture.

I started this post thinking I would write about the places we saw and the things we did when in Rome, but it has ended up being a bit of a tribute to Mary, and also to my brother John - I write this with him in mind too. Just as Mary has adopted the Italian way of life, John has adopted the Spanish way of life in an awe-inspiring way.

Thankyou, Mary, for being such a brilliant tour guide and showing us some of the things you love about Rome.
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Saturday, 3 April 2010

up & away

I've missed this little space over the last few weeks that have been filled with wedding dreaming & scheming.

I'm sure I'll be missing it all the more by the end of next week. I'm taking to the skies.

We're off on a King Family adventure to Italy with Mary as our wonderful hostess.

I'll be back soon with photo's a-plenty and stories to tell of our version of 'When in Rome...'

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