Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Let’s talk about food

John & I have an understanding about food. Well, it’s probably more accurate to say a growing understanding about food. If you asked John, he’d say I don’t yet fully understand.
The way it works when John & I eat together is that if something falls off my plate, it becomes up for grabs & because I don’t necessarily grab it fast enough, John takes it. I would like to say that I don’t make a habit of letting my food fall off my plate, but in all honesty, it happens. A lot.

I only have a couple of plates to eat from at the moment, as I have never needed many more up until now. I bought them in my first year of university, and they are really quite small, as far as dinner plates go. Needless to say, my food falls off my plate all the more regularly. The falling food problem is also not helped by the fact that our dining table is currently the residency for my sewing machine & the orders of service for our wedding, patiently waiting to be stitched together.

Eating from small plates on our laps = food everywhere.

So, we’ve started using the humungous plates that I bought John for an anniversary present in recognition that he really does need a lot more food than I do. These plates are about 33cm wide, which you’d think is ample space for my food not to fall off my plate, but apparently not. I’d like to think that this problem is because my Mama raised me well and we always ate at the dinner table, never on our laps. I love that.
Besides John thinking that anything which falls off my plate becomes up for the taking, he also likes to think he has ownership over the food on my plate. I will never forget the look of disappointment on John’s face when I manage to finish my whole meal without offering him any.
I thought I had found a way around his need to eat my food - simply give him bigger portions so he’ll be full and won’t want any of my food. Well, this is definitely not a satisfactory way around things for John. He enlightened me the other evening as we were eating some seriously delicious burritos that he had cooked up, that I just hadn’t understood. It’s not that he wants seconds from the pot, it’s that he wants to eat my food, and if I just give him more food on his plate, he still needs to eat mine too. This is going to end up in a whole lot of ballooning.
I’m not sure I will ever understand men & their eating habits, but I do know for sure that there will never be any food wasted in our house. John simply wouldn’t let that happen & that is fine by me. Plus, he is a brilliant cook, so I think I can cope with him eating from my plate if it means that I get to eat his culinary delights.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

sneak peek

At our wedding (which is just 9 days away, I'd like to add) we are using miniature envelopes as name cards.

We're using three different colours to represent the choice of main course that people are having, which will be a great help to our servers (so long as people don't remove the envelopes from their places!). Having tried unsuccessfully to find a fourth colour of envelope for our children's option that was the right size and fitting with the colour scheme, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own envelopes for the children.

At the end of the school year when we were sorting out the classroom, a number of books were heading straight for the bin, so I took them into my care, knowing that they'd be more use to me than to a landfill. The first job they had after being rescued was to be turned into envelopes. I have enough books to kit out a whole card shop with envelopes, but for now, here's a few that will be featuring at the wedding.

Also, it just so happens that the book I chose was written for a boy called John, about a boy called John - how perfect!

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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Lizzie's Wedding: Preview Part Two

  She wore blue shoes to match the colour scheme.... He wrote her a song & made us cry.

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Lizzie's Wedding: Preview Part 1

Here's a little glimpse of the wedding I had the pleasure of attending on Saturday.

It was a great joy to be with the Beautiful Bride as she prepared herself for her wedding day.


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Friday, 13 August 2010

mobile blogging

Well, this is fun! I am blogging on a train. I am facing backwards, travelling at maybe 90 miles per hour (total guess but I figure we're going much faster than a car), drinking coffee and typing. What a brilliant way to spend my Friday morning.

I thought I'd make use of my train journey up to Stoke on Trent for Lizzie's wedding tomorrow and do some designing of our order of service for our wedding. But before I get started I thought I'd write a little post.

I've got my camera in tow with an amazing lens that I have hired for my role as one of the 'official' photographers for Lizzie & Dave. I have the honour of arriving early and being part of the pre wedding fun – arranging flowers, going to the rehearsal, hanging out with the bridesmaid & the bride, all with full permission to take as many photos as I like. I am so excited!

I arrived at the station very early, which gave me some time to take a few photos in the morning sun. Sadly, blogger is being a little bit of a trickster in getting used to my dongle so only let me upload one photo. There'll be plenty more to come

So, with my camera, my laptop & a super duper dongle, I am all set for mobile blogging.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


At the end of last week, I moved into the little flat that John & I will be calling home when we start married life together. Our very first home. 

I love it. Light floods into the kitchen & the lounge during the morning and bathes the lounge in its beautiful light in the evening.There's trees to be seen from every window and more cupboard space in the kitchen than I know what to do with (and that is saying something). There's a place for everything and space for us to fill as we start our life together. 

On my first night here, I had my first guests & once we had figured out the oven, we whipped up some chocolate pots. (Which we then didn't actually eat because the oven is not the fastest in the world and it really was bedtime when we started baking.)

It is amazingly quiet & peaceful here - a perfect environment for working & resting in. During the day, the tick-tocking clock in the kitchen is keeping me company with its steady rhythm. Yesterday, the five lovely children that I have been living with for the past ten months came to visit & I loved that there was enough space on our three sofas for them all to sit down. 

I am so thankful for our little home. It feels like a great gift to have a place that we love & that has space for me to prepare the final bits of our wedding. The kitchen table is currently my sewing space, adorned with brightly coloured bunting that is in the final stitching stages, soon to be taken over by orders of service to be sewn together.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

should this be allowed?

On Sunday afternoon when all I could think about for half an hour was chocolate, I whipped up some Chocolate Pots. They're quick, they're easy, they're delicious and perfectly chocolatey.

This little one was leftover. So I had it for breakfast this morning. A little shocking? Maybe. I'm sorry if this offends your sensibilities, but sometimes it's fun to do things a little out of the ordinary. Even if it's just eating a bit of chocolate for breakfast.

But I don't make a habit of this, and it's the holidays, which means that you don't have to do things in your normal routine, and so it's totally fine to do this kind of thing. For me, as it's the holidays, it also means that I don't have to eat such huge portions of granola because I'm not spending my days running around after children, so my appetite is closer to a normal being, rather than being that of a giant.

If you fancy eating a chocolate pot for breakfast (or dessert if you want to be normal), the recipe I use is from here.

p.s that little white blob? It's clotted cream, just in case you're wondering...

p.p.s Mum, I'm really sorry. I know that you would never eat chocolate for breakfast, and you did not teach me to do this.

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Monday, 2 August 2010


Sunday afternoon saw us enjoying the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of Bristol's annual harbourside festival. Bulmers cider had done an incredible job of creating outdoor art installations & quirky little features. Sadly I did not have my camera to capture it all fully, so here's a couple of shots from my camera phone...

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clevedon & creating

Sometimes, a trip to the seaside is necessary. This weekend was one of those times. John had suggested last week that we should get away from our wedding planning heads and go to the beach where our heads could be filled & refreshed with the sea air. He didn't put it quite like that, but that's how I like to think of it. I loved the unplanned-ness of this trip - the only essentials I put in my bag were my camera, a bottle of water and a cereal bar. (I have a tendency to get incredibly hungry at inconvenient times & cereal bars are best friends with the hunger in my belly, so I try to make them a constant companion.)

I have to confess, Clevedon is not the most beautiful of beaches or most exciting of places to visit, but for us on a day when all we needed was rest, it was perfect. We headed straight for a pub to find some lunch. After filling our bellies, we read the paper & watched the Grand Prix practise which brought back memories of sitting in the living room with my Dad, dozing to the sound of the cars going around and around the track. I unashamedly slipped off my flip flops, drew up my legs onto the comfy cosy sofa and dozed awhile. I am pretty syre the barmaid must have thought it a bit odd for me to choose to take a nap in her pub, but I did not care. I was content to dream away in my dozy state.

I loved that for the whole day, I had no sense of time. I never knew what hour of the day it was, and it was so wonderful that I had no need to know. We lay on the pebble beach and I drank in the beauty of the sky. The clouds were stunning - so fluffy that I really did want to eat them - and they kept on changing to ever-more beautiful states. 

We drove home with windswept hair, full bellies & rested souls then spent the evening painting & sewing. What a wonderful day.