Wednesday, 28 May 2008

my little red shoes

Barely a day goes by when my feet don't get to see the sun. Come rain or shine, my shoe of preference is flip flops. This is partly to do with the difficulty I have in finding cheap, good quality, comfy, pretty shoes. Quite frankly, I don't think a pair of shoes exists that fits into this category. Anyhow, today, I felt like a change, and so wore my pretty red shoes, protecting my little toes from the rain that loves to pour in abundance in this country.


For the members of my family, the title of this post should bring back fond memories of our times spent in the Netherlands all of those years ago, where we discovered the delicious topping to toast of Hagelslag. Yum. I have distinct memories of Mum having to ration them once the supplies we brought home with us were running low. Why am I writing about these memories? Because they were brought back afresh last night when I received two big boxes of Hagelslag. Yes, dear family, I have Hagel!!! There is a Dutch couple in my church small group, and at some point in the not so distant past we had a conversation about Hagel. Being the wonderfully kind people they are, when some of their friends came over to England last week, they asked them to bring some Hagel with them. They obliged and bought ten boxes of the delicious chocolatey strands!! I am now the proud owner of two of these boxes. Thankyou Marteen and Miranda.

I am keen to write a more extensive post, filling you in on my latest adventures, but I need to set aside a good chunk of time to do that, which I can't justify doing during my working day. Maybe this evening.

At the moment I am thoroughly enjoying the song 'hometown glory' by Adele, which stirs an emotional reaction in me akin to the one Dad described when talking about Shoreline by Deas Veil.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

millions of peaches...

Yesterday the children I look after had a particular craving for tinned peaches, which resulted in me having the song, 'millions of peaches, peaches for me' going round my head. This song brings back memories of being at the Andrews' house and John and Michael playing this immensely annoying song over and over again - for my benefit of course.

We (me and the kids) had a lot of fun yesterday afternoon. Grace wanted to write a play for her friends to perform, and enlisted my typing abilities, as her fingers couldn't keep up with the speed at which her thoughts were going. Aside from being an entertaining play, which she was making up as she went along, the greatest hilarity came from Grace getting her bottom stuck in the waste paper basket. After extracting her, Will decided it looked like a lot of fun, so he got himself stuck. It was perhaps even funnier when he did it - because he is so little - his whole body was literally folded in half inside the bin, with just his feet and head protruding. What fun. As is often the case, this game started getting a little too raucous, so to stop it going further, I put the bin on my head - quite a sight to behold I should imagine - me sat at the computer, typing with a bin on my head, and a monkey-like four year old clambering all over me. Once again, I love kids.

Today I paid a spontaneous visit to my old housemates, who I have had the privilege of seeing quite a lot lately. The last three times I've been, it has taken me an hour to leave (having made the decision to go and getting out the door), because we (being Helen and I) can't stop talking. It's wonderful to have the luxury of time and closeness of friendship to be able to do that.

This afternoon has been spent cutting up photos and making cards - here are some of the fruits of my labour...

Friday, 9 May 2008

domestic goddess

As Hazel arrived at my house to pick up the fruits of my morning's labour, she said, 'Hannah, you are officially a domestic goddess.' This morning I have baked:

24 carrot cake muffins with cheesecake topping
24 sugar and spice biscuits
24 triple chocolate torte bars
24 pieces of banana sunshine surprise
54 half cookie, half brownie biscuits

Why? Because we're having a church ceilidh this evening and this is some of the food for the buffet.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Bank Holiday Monday saw the St Werburgh's City Farm May Day Celebration, so I headed down to the festivities with Helen and one of my housemates. We made wreaths out of willow, and Helen said that I looked ethereal...Our wreaths were the only thing that made us blend in ever so slightly with the hippy going, eco-loving people of St Werburgh's. Although having said that, I am eco-loving, and when I have babies I do want to carry them round in sari slings which Helen finds highly amusing.

Today on my run, I ate my first fly of the year. I tried to cough it up, but I'd already inhaled it too deeply. Sorry little fly.

Friday, 2 May 2008

in other news..

ok, this really is a record, three posts in a day...Yesterday the National Association of Hospital Play Specialists' journal arrived on my doorstep. On page 17 is my little lowly article...

Ta da!!

should i be worried?

Today, and bearing in mind it's only 10.20am, I have already forgotten how old I am and what year it is. (It was only temporary, but still a bit of an odd feeling.) But I did just make a cake in 4 minutes. Perhaps a record time for me.

quote of the day

I have some wonderful conversations with the children I childmind for, and some downright funny ones. Yesterday on the way home from school, there was a conversation going on between Grace and Will (7 and 4) and they weren't sure what the right answer was to their debate, so they asked me. 'Hannah, Can a Christian marry a vegetarian?' Brilliant.

One of my housemates told me the other day how one of the boys in her class thought that Russia was a religion. Also brilliant.