Friday, 16 February 2007

it's official!!!

One of the challenges I will face this year is now officially in place - I'm going to run the Bristol half marathon!! Having been running for ages now, I need to push my boundaries more. I thought it'd be cool to actually achieve something with it and Ros my running partner shared this sentiment, so we've both signed up to do the Bristol half marathon in September of this year. I am very excited!!

Another thing I am incredibly excited about is that on Sunday 11th March, I am going to see Faithless!!!! I have wanted to see them live for a very very long time, so was immensely excited when I found out that they were playing in Cardiff - only 20 mins away from Bristol. My excitement was short lived though, when I rang to book, only to find I couldn't buy 2 tickets. Then yesterday, my good friend maeve e-mailed me to say that she'd received an exclusive e-mail from a ticket provider to say that Faithless have added an extra date to their tour, and the best bit of all is that they're coming to Bristol!!!!!!!!! So at 9am this morning as soon as the tickets came on sale I bought mine.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Beautiful Bristol...

I was delighted to wake up at 6.30 am this morning to go for a run and see that the sky was starting to lighten at such an early hour. Sadly it did not look quite as spectacular as the sunrise on your left does, but I was filled with great excitement at the prospect of light early mornings again. The birds were most definitely happy with the earlier mornings, with their merry singing this morning as Ros and I ran through the Downs and down to the Suspension Bridge.

It's also great to walk along outside with clear blue skies and the sun bright enough to make me sneeze. Love it.

Bowling last night was good fun. it's a jolly good thing I don't mind about losing though! I did manage to get 1 strike over the course of 2 games which I was quite proud of.

I found out something exciting today, which I am quite sure no-one else will see as exciting in the slightest, but I'll tell you anyway. My friend Hannah called me to say she had got the most amazing hand cream from her husband-to-be for Valentine's day, and she thought of me because it was made in Australia. When I was in Oz on my gap year, I found the most beautiful smelling handcream I have ever come across and was gutted when it ran out. In my sadness I e-mailed the people in the Dandenongs who make it and to my delight, found out that they were about to bring it out in England!! Anyway, it turns out that the handcream Hannah has is made by the Dandenong people and you can buy it from a shop that is 2 minutes from my house!!!!!!! How exciting!!!!!!!!!! I never thought when I bought 2 pots of this wonderful stuff with no labels and no name from a tiny shop in the mountains that one day I would be able to buy it from the end of my road in Bristol. Simply wonderous.

Yesterday I treated myself and bought a Hillsong album. It's an incredibly uplifting album, and I just thought I'd share the words from one of the songs which has particularly resonated with me. It's called From the inside out.

A thousand times I've failed, still your mercy remains.
And should I stumble again still I'm caught in your grace.
Everlasting, your light will shine when all else fades,
Neverending, your glory goes beyond all fame.
In my heart, in my soul, Lord I give you control.
Consume me from the inside out Lord,
Let justice and grace become my embrace,
To love you from the inside out.
Your will above all else,
My purpose remains, the art of losing myself in bringing you praise.

In fact, if you'd like to listen to it for free, go to...

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

puppets and poo...

One of the things I love about spending lots of time with kids is that you get to do a whole lot of cool stuff. Like playing with the uber-cool puppets you see to your left. On Saturday I had the pleasure of looking after Ros' brood so she and her husband could go on a leadership training day. Ros has these brilliant puppets, which her son Toby is an absolute legend at. If you think for one minute that puppets are not cool, then you need to think again. The only downside is when their eyes fall out, and the horrendous cramp you get in your arm from holding it up in the air and moving your thumb up and down for a good few minutes!

However, there are things about looking after kids which are not so fun. Like when they poo themselves and they're wearing knickers. Poor Madeleine had a poorly tummy last week so had regressed a bit in her potty training when I saw her on Friday. Needless to say, the morning was spent running up and down the stairs emptying the potty when she got there on time, or changing her underwear when she didn't. That was the morning after the snow, so it was still pretty cold. My poor body got a bit confused cycling in that weather because I had too many layers on my top half so by the time I'd cycled up the delightful hill that is Whiteladies road, I was sweltering. But my legs felt odd - it felt like I was having to put a huge amount of effort into getting them to work, which was such an odd sensation. So, by the time I got to childminding I was pretty exhausted. So it was nice to spend parts of the morning (when we weren't doing the toilet trips) sitting with Madeleine watching the snow fall and the squirrels running about the garden.

I'm off to one of Bristol's art galleries now with my lovely friend Sammy, as part of her birthday fun, then I'm going bowling tonight with my cell group, which I am sure will be as amusing as ever when you possess the bowling skills of a turnip.

Thursday, 8 February 2007

recent happenings....

Sorry for the recent lack of posts - as per usual I have been busy busy busy.

The dissertation is coming along nicely - had a meeting with my supervisor on Monday to discuss what I have written already, and the first comment she made was. 'This is an incredibly fascinating read!', which is the kind of thing you love to hear from one of your markers.

Last week I did perhaps the most hardcore exercise sessions I can remember doing. I like to think that I am reasonably fit, as I run every week, and cycle at least twice a week, but boy did I feel like I was going to die when I went to a spinning class last week. For any of you who don't know what spinning is, it is not spinning wool, or spinning in circles, but cycling for 45 mins solid at various levels of resistance, having to do sprints and squats and all kinds of hideously painful things which make you sweat profusely. I'm thinking of going again this evening. As a result of going to the spinning class, I discovered that there is another Hannah Barnes at this university - how rude.

Last weekend saw Katie and Rachel's Caribbean themed 21st party - they put a phenomenal amount of effort into the decor, including a mini beach outside the door into our flat. It was a good evening, aside from the hour or so I spent cleaning vomit off people's coats after a rather drunk girl had found her way to the coat room, aka Rach's bedroom, mistaking it for the bathroom, and promptly spewed over people's coats. Nice. It was a pretty busy weekend, what with the party, Word Pluc (a theology course I am doing) from 9 - 5 on sat, followed by babysitting, and baking for 250 people for church on sunday. Needless to say, after doing the kids work on sunday morning, I was pretty whacked.

Right, it's time to get to work.