Friday, 25 May 2007


Yesterday saw my last ever Early Childhood Studies exam. I have officially finished my degree and am a 'graduand'. I am also oh so very tired. It hasn't really sunk in that I have actually finished - that all the bulging lever arch files around my room are no longer going to get any fatter. I really hope that the books and folders do not become a redundant part of my life - that I actually end up using some of the amazing things I've learnt. Only time will tell I guess.

I am going to be moving house in about 5 weeks time to a lovely three bed, four bathroomed house, with a beautiful kitchen that I am very excited about cooking up some culinary delights in. So the move is going to mean some clearing out. I haven't really accumulated a lot of junk since being at uni, but there are some things lurking on shelves and in drawers that could be got rid of. So the culling has begun. There is something very satisfying about getting rid of unneccessary things, making way for a new start - I thoroughly enjoy sorting and cleaning. On that note, I need to go and check how the fridge is doing. It's finally defrosting day, and there is a huge ice overhang, which some borrowers would have amazing adventures climbing - if they actually existed. But it's time for the overhang to go to make room for another term's worth of ice to build up, due to the lack of a door on the mini freezer section at the top if the fridge. Gosh, what a boring piece of information - sorry if I have left you feeling a little bit bored after that!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

running like the wind

This morning I went for a run with my trusty running buddy Ros, and we ran 8.5 miles at an average speed of 7.59 mins to the mile, which I thought was pretty good for a good length run. That is officially the longest run I have ever done. I know it's a long way off marathon length, but not bad for a morning's run, I think it's fair to say! The picture to your left is of the beautiful Ashton Court Estate, which is one of the places we ran through this morning, where we saw a herd of deer and some frolicking squirrels.

So, it's Sunday afternoon, and my incredibly hardworking housemates are studying away, but as I don't work on Sunday's, I've been enoying some down-time. I have slight post-prandial lethargy (check out my medical knowledge - and that's not from Wikipedia!), having had a deliciously filling dinner at Wagamamma's. Amazingly, there was still a queue out the door, despite the bucket loads of rain pouring down. There's something about good food that not even bad weather can make people stay away!

I am into the penultimate week of my degree, which is....hmmm...I don't really know how I feel about it. I don't feel reminiscent, or sad, or excited or scared - in some ways it feels like a bit of a non-event. But I suppose it is quite exciting and a little milestone in the life of Hannah Barnes, to reach the end of my BSc.

The adventures that I mentioned I have been having have included my briefest visit yet to Herne Bay - for less than 24 hours for an interview last week, a trip to Weston-Super-Mare beach, which made me feel like it was summer, and a weekend trip to Woolacombe for a hen weekend. The hen weekend was definitely the highlight of my adventures so far in 2007. It was a gloriously sunny weekend, and we spent one whole day surfing which was absolutely brilliant. I came back from the weekend blonder and frecklier - a true sign that summer is on its way, not that you would believe it right now with all this rain. Gosh, how English am I, chatting away about the weather?!

On Friday, I went to my first ever book club meeting. A lady at church decided it'd be fun to start a book club to get to know some different people and to encourage those of us who love to read, to read more. It was a really fun evening, and I have to say that I was more than content to do nothing else with my friday evening than go to a book club and eat malteasers. Love it. Our fist book to read is the kite runner, which I have heard both very good and not so good reports about, so I'll just have to see for myself...

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

excitement and boredom

Well, I have failed miserably at keeping my blog up to date as of late, unlike my brothers, both of whom are legends.

Revision is upon students across the nation, and for me, the last set of exams of my career at Bristol university (if you can constitute 2 exams as a set!). Even though I only have two exams, I have to know everything in a whole lot of detail, and half of what I've been revising really hasn't been enthralling.

I am in the process of creating a piece of art for a friends wedding in June, and was having a bit of a creative block. So, I decided to enlist the creative genius of a friend at church who is an artist. I just googled her name to see if she has a website, and she doesn't but it turns out that there is another lady with the same name (and surname) as her, who is also an artist! What are the chances. Anyway, within five minutes of speaking with Sarah, I was feeling incredibly inspired and excited at the prospect of cracking on with the canvas. Only thing is, it still has to wait a bit because revision has to be a priority. Humph.

On a positive note about my work, I received an e-mail from one of my interviewee's from my dissertation, who said she thought it was excellent, and did I mind if she passed it on to some of her colleagues as she thought it would be very well received! I was very flattered, as I am by no means an expert on the use of art in health, and so to be told by professionals that they think my work is significant is a wonderful compliment.

I saw my tutor today, and she told me that she quoted me yesterday, when teaching my fellow ECS students as she felt that some things I had found in my research voiced things that were not summed up in other research. She also said that she plans to quote me again, and that my research was very powerful. I'll be gutted if the examiners don't share such sentiments, but even if they don't I have still been very encouraged - I never expected such a positive response.

I have been having plenty of adventures amidst my revision, but they are going to have to wait a bit longer, as I still need to do a couple more hours of revision before bedtime.


Saturday, 5 May 2007

a brief interlude

I have spent most of today so far working away in the medics library, which is a wonderful place to work.

However, for the last hour, my focused mindset has been repeatedly intruded on by the sound of church bells. When they first rang, I thought, 'Oh how lovely! someone's got married!' but when they carried on and on and on, I became aware of my cortisol levels elevating and the incessant ditty, 'pop goes the weasel' going round and round my head, because that is what the tune the bells were ringing at that point in time resembled the most.

Down in the basement of the library (where I am now), I am free from the joyful torment of the bells, but I must return to my reading about partnerships, collaboration, co-ordination, interprofessionalism, and about a hundred other terms which mean pretty much the same thing, and that is what every author who writes about them confirms for me, who, as a layperson is able to work that out all by myself...

I have been intending on writing a new entry for ages now, but I have had to prioritise my time, and a whole lot of other things have come before my blog. I will endeavour to write another entry by the end of this weekend.