Monday, 20 July 2009

sticky fruity fingers

There are some brilliant things about my job. Like teaching children how to make fruit kebabs then seeing the delight and enjoyment on their faces as they get to consume the delicious fruit and say things like, 'Wow, this is delicious' and 'This is so fun, I've never done this before.' That's what it's all about, giving them new experiences and teaching them that they are so very capable of so many things.

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this is the view

This is the view from the house the children made on the Downs one rare sunny afternoon last week. They named their own landmarks amidst the trees and the birds: 'the mushroom and sparkling flight' - the place where light dances through the trees and birds bathe in its glory until we come and they take flight. This is the place where memories are stirred as children sit in trees, remembering conversations of meer cats and lemon sherberts, legs swinging freely from their high perch on the boughs of the tree. This is where memories are made. Of sticky mouths from picnic teas. Of falling from trees. Of curtains made from ivy. Of wonderful things like these.

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Monday, 13 July 2009

quote of the day

The first conversation I had with one of the children at school this morning went like this:

M: Hannah, my Mummy had to go quickly today cos she's gone to sell blood.

Hannah: (chuckling to self, knowing exactly what M meant - that Mummy was 'giving' blood)
Is she? Wow, that's interesting. Do you know why Mummy's giving blood?

M: Yes, it's for the old ladies whose blood drops out.

As always, the kids know exactly what they want to say and how to say it.

Monday, 6 July 2009


Thanks to a certain young man (who goes by the name of John), I was able to enjoy a most delicious sandwich for my lunch last week that contained this beautiful edible flower which he bought me. Hello pretty nastertium. Thanks for being yummy in my tummy.

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Baking of late

I know it's not quite the same when you can't actually see the contents inside the box, so you'll just have to take my word that some fresh lemon & blueberry muffins were contained inside. They were baked upon the request of my church leader, much to the embarassment of his wife, that he should have the cheek to say that although they were no longer in need of a babysitter, they were in need of cake. Needless to say, I was more than happy to meet their need. After all, that is what church is all about.

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beautiful skies keep on rolling in

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The wedding of the month

...And here are a few photos from the lovely wedding...

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Watch the skies

I wrote this entry almost a month ago but have not managed to get around to publishing it until now. So rather than me editing this post to be written in the present, you'll just have to imagine that the wedding I'm talking about happened today.

There are many things I love about going to weddings. One of the things, although perhaps less obvious, is the travelling. The time spent sitting in a car travelling across the country lends itself brilliantly to thinking time. Today I was very aware of how I watch the skies as I think. I love taking in the way the colours and the clouds change - constantly beautiful in their formation.

As Lizzie and I drove home, we reflected on the address that had been given in the wedding we attended, and what we had learnt from it. That love is something we have lost the meaning of. In a world that projects love as something that doesn’t necessarily last, and is largely about feeling, we have forgotten what ‘love’ really is. That love is a choice. That we need to look to Jesus for our example of perfect love. And how did he show love? Through submission and sacrifice. That his love for us is not dependent on how good we are - how well we have done at certain things or how beautiful we are. He loves us because he chose to. Forever. Simple as that. His love endures forever. That is huge. In a world where people think it is fine and normal to fall out of love, the idea of a love that is unconditional, eternal and unchanging is not understood. But it is true and it is good.