Meal Plan #3

Here is our meal plan for this week. I have every intention of sharing the meal plan at the start of the week, but right now, time for blogging is limited to evenings, and my current bedtime is as close to 9pm as possible, due to sleep deprivation. Needless to say, this does not leave much time for sitting
down and writing a blog post. So I'm writing this with Jude trying to climb up my legs and Ruby is watching TV. The mushrooms are simmering and I'm counting down the minutes until my husband gets home. What's gracing our table this week...

Dining with The King's
Monday: Cheese & Roasted Tomato orzo
Tuesday: Chicken Divan
Wednesday: Thai Green Curry with noodles
Thursday: Dahl with rice*

As for our lunches, we're enjoying plenty of homemade sourdough with leek & potato soup, or quinoa with scrambled eggs and goats cheese. 

*This meal is being cooked by my good friend Hannah - we did a swap which involved her cooking me a meal in exchange for me cooking her a cake. She loves cooking, I love baking. Everybody wins. 


  1. Loving the meal plans! I'm rubbish at planning so anything helps. Recipes and shopping lists would be amazing though too much to ask (oh and you shopping for it and cooking it :-) )

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying the meal plans! I link to recipes wherever possible as I know this is something I really appreciate when I see an idea that sounds tasty but have no idea what's in it or how to make it!


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