Wednesday, 25 February 2009

quote of the day

Today Grace & I were trying to explain to Will what a mammal is. Will's comment?

'But Jesus wasn't a mammal.'

Saturday, 21 February 2009

here comes the sun...

Today I have been so grateful for the glorious sunshine we have had here in Bristol. It was warm enough for me to go out cycling with no jacket or gloves, and sunny enough to warrant wearing sunglasses. Yipee!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Build me a rocket, bake me a cake & then we can fly to the moon

Yesterday was a most fun day. 'Baking masterclass / Patisserie pro's' / call it what you will, I taught some boys how to bake. (But we couldn't decide on a name for the class.) It all came about after an impromptu facebook conversation, where I happened to mention that some baking might take place over half term - not an uncommon occurrence by any means. Only on this occasion, someone asked if they could join me. Then we invited another someone who has told me a few times that I need to teach him how to bake. So teach I did. In some form. I taught them...

:: how to tell when you've whipped up your icing to the right consistency:
you get soft peaks

:: why it is important to pre-heat the oven before placing your baked goods in

:: how to grease and line a tin

:: how to tell when your cake aka 'baby' is ready to come out of its 'bed' - you listen to it. If it has stopped 'crying' then it is ready to come out. If it is crying just a teeny little bit, it's ok to bring it out - it'll be alright

:: the imperative need for a rubber spatula in any baker's kitchen. Don't ever forget it

So, we baked away and filled my kitchen with beautiful aromas. Then cooked and ate a killer omelette (filled with finest bacon, tomato and cheese, yes please). Then spent three hours delivering our baked goods to unsuspecting friends. At one house, we got invited in, and I got to spend some time inside a cardboard box, helping it to become a little more rocket like for an impending trip to the moon.

My Valentine

Last Thursday as I was about to come home from childminding, Will presented me with a pink bag. With a curious look cast upon my face, I opened it to find a cute little heart photo stand with a post it note attached which read, 'Happy Valentine's Day, love from William.' What a treasure. Totally unnecessary, and totally unexpected. He stood there with a contented grin on his face, and a look of total confidence in presenting me with my valentine's gift.

Monday, 16 February 2009


The Hamptons Deli. This is where I went for lunch today, in the quaint little town with a not-so-quaint name, Chipping Sodbury. It is half term - oh what a delightful treat of working in a school. It feels like the rest of the world should be on holiday too, but it is not. This is a new little deli, with a lovely light, airy atmosphere, and delicious food produce that makes me want to buy a big old wicker basket and make up a yummy hamper of food for a friend. It also made me want to open up my own little coffee & cake shop, where people come to enjoy one another's company, with some home baked cake making a guest appearance at their catch up / meeting / whatever reason they are there for. Maybe one day.

about a girl...

This is my radiant sister. I've been thinking about you a lot lately, Sarah. I hope you are having a wonderful, wonderful time in Morocco. I hope that you are seeing sights that utterly take your breath away, that you pray that you will never forget the moments you are experiencing. I hope that you are being challenged in the fantastic way that travelling to another part of the world tends to do. I hope that you are getting a thirst for seeing things outside of the 'world' you know - the one that you have grown up in and feel totally familiar with - realising now that there is so much more to see and learn. I love you. x

Thursday, 5 February 2009

helloooo snow

Snow. How wonderful. How very truly wonderful. I don't think I've seen this much snow since I last went skiing 5 years ago.Beautiful, thick, fluffy snow that beckons, 'come make a snow angel, roll me up and throw me, eat me, hug me as you roll me, I really truly am as soft as I look.' I walked to work this morning because I didn't fancy fearing for my life the whole journey to school, which would have been the case if I had cycled. I loved the walk, and loved the fact that the sky was gently throwing big, fat snowflakes. Just brilliant. The kids loved it. We made a snowman with four eyes. Then his head fell off.

Snow, I have thoroughly loved you, and if you go tomorrow, that is ok, because you have lifted my spirits and brightened my cheeks. Thankyou.

view from my window

photo taken on Sunday