on writing more

I started this blog many, many years ago before the days of Instagram and Twitter, when social media felt slower and fuller to me. Since having children, studying a course in Montessori teaching, and setting up a couple of small businesses, blogging stopped. But there have been so many occasions when I have felt the pull to come back to this space. I have always had plenty of words to say, and more often than not, my Instagram captions verge on the length of a blog post. So here I am, circling back to my blog to let a few more words spill out into the world. I plan on sharing a few different things here, mainly what we are eating, a little on Early Years Education and some motherhood musings.

Another reason that I have not written here so much in recent years is the feeling that I am really not a writer, as such. I also feel like I don't want to write about education, then for people to read it thinking that I am professing to be an expert, because I am really not. But I keep coming back to two things:

1) Writing matters to me simply from the point of view of posterity. For my future self and my grown up children to be able to look back on how things once were. Writing holds the beautiful gift of capturing memories and moments, and it is important to me that I take the time to write and remember.
2) I really love reading about the thoughts and experiences of others, so perhaps my little offering will be of interest to some. If not, nothing is lost.

I feel like this year I want to change gears a bit with a few things in my life in terms of how I spend my time. To make more time for writing because I enjoy it and I miss it. If you'd like to join me for the journey, you are absolutely welcome here.