capturing movement

We are currently on holiday by the sea, staying with my in laws, and in true British style, we are experiencing plenty of Spring rain. So, rather than spending hours on the beach enjoying the sun, we are filling the day with rainy day activities: Home made hot cross buns for breakfast, morning naps for my son, Easter bonnet decorating for my daughter, and writing this blog post for me. My typing is accompanied by the wonderful tap-tapping of the rain on the attic windows - one of my favourite sounds. I thought I would share a few of my favourite photos taken from our trips to the beach here in 2017 when the weather was a little more inviting.
As well as the beach theme, another theme that runs through these photos is movement. This is one of my favourite things to try and capture when photographing children, because it captures something more than just the action itself. I love the way the light glistens in the droplets of sea water that my daughter is creating with her kicks; the grains of sand blurring in motion as my sun runs his little hands through them; the wind in my daughter's hair. Capturing these little details brings me a lot of happiness.
All of these images were taken on my DSLR, where I have complete control over how blurred or in focus the movement is, However, I appreciate that most people reading this will tend to take photos on their phones, rather than with a camera. My little tips for capturing movement are:
1) As much as possible, position yourself at the same level as your subject. 
2)Tap the screen to make sure your subject is in focus
3) Use the burst feature so you end up with multiple shots. The likelihood is that one of your images will capture the movement you are hoping to. On an iPhone, you do this by holding down either the circle button or the volume control button continuously. The photo below was taken during this holiday on my iPhone to give you an idea of the quality of movement you can capture on a phone.
What are some of your favourite images to capture?