Meal Plan #5

It's been a while since I shared my meal plan, hasn't it? Having a plan for what we are going to eat helps me enormously in that it means I rarely let myself get to 5pm when both children are starting to fall apart, and find myself standing in the kitchen and eating peanut butter sandwiches instead of cooking anything because all cooking inspiration evades me at 5pm. I have also found it really helpful to prepare as much of the meal as possible in the morning, when both children are happily playing, I prioritise cooking over any other housework, because ultimately, bellies need to be fed more than floors need to be cleaned. Here's what we've been eating this week.

Meal Plan #5
Tuesday: Orzo pasta with roasted cherry toms, mozzarella & spinach
Wednesday: Bean Burgers on homemade Granary rolls
Friday: Lasagne (from the freezer)