Tuesday, 15 November 2016

the 52 Project: 45/52

Dear Ruby,
We are in the middle of birthday season at the moment, and I love seeing how your understanding of birthdays has evolved over this year. You have fully embraced the tradition of singing, 'Happy Birthday' in the days leading up to someone's birthday, and then sing it multiple times on the day as well. This week, Jude turned six months, and just as we did for you at six months old, we celebrated his half birthday by baking him a cake. At breakfast on Thursday morning, you said, 'We're celebrating your half birthday - are you excited? We've made you a cake.' You took such great care over decorating Jude's cake by yourself, and helped him blow out the candles. (The evidence of licking the bowl, spatula and anything else with chocolate in is still visible on your face in this photo!) You are a treasure and we love how you love Jude.
All my love,
Mummy xxx


Dear Jude,
We celebrated half a year of you being with us with a chocolate orange bundt cake which Nanny and Ruby baked for you. Ruby decorated it completely by herself, and took great pride in putting 'all the candles' in to the cake. Here's to celebrating the small milestones of life with great gusto. We love you.
All my love,
Mama xxx

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