The 52 Project: 43/52

'A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2016.'
Dear Ruby,
I took this photo to remind me of a few things:
1) Our mutual love for bagels and peanut butter for breakfast. (And granola, never forgetting granola.)
2) The way we have started to plait your hair at bedtime to stop it becoming like a bird's nest by the morning. Sometimes you like to adorn your hair with every hair clip you can find.
3) The Autumn light in the mornings in this house. We won't be living here for much longer, and it is unlikely that you will have memories of this house, so I am doing my best to capture you in all of the golden Autumnal light.

All my love,
Mummy xxx

Dear Jude,
We have introduced you to the wonderful world of solid food this week. So far you have only tried three foods and these were cucumber, avocado and banana, in that order. There is something so exciting about knowing this is the first time your tiny taste buds have encountered any flavour (other than my milk, the Rota virus vaccine, or Calpol, which are the only consumables that have entered your mouth since you were born).
All my love,
Mama xxx