The 52 Project: 38/52

Dear Ruby,
You have become quite the prolific artist this week, spending some time every day painting with water colours, glitter glue or poster paint. You made the wonderful discovery that if you mix two or more colours together, you get a new colour! So exciting. I love watching your creativity emerge.
All my love,
Mummy xxx

Dear Jude,
You have become completely intent on grabbing and chewing anything that passes near your hands, and while Ruby loves giving you her finger to chew on, she is quickly learning that your vice-like grip is a force to be reckoned with, and it hurts. Granny and Grandad visited this week, and you were completely full of your beautiful beaming smiles, especially for Grandad. What a lovely bond you have.
I normally take photos of you by yourself for these weekly portraits, but I had to choose this one of you and Daddy this week, because it really says a lot about what life is like right now:
1) You sucking on your toes at any opportunity you get
2) You were ready for a nap but weren't falling asleep easily - the fact that Daddy is lying beside you on the bed says it all. He's given up trying to settle you and is relaxing while you do your thing, sucking your toes. You had nailed falling asleep by yourself a few weeks back, but that's all changed.
3) You are 4.5 months old and wearing 6-9 month old clothes. Clearly, you are thriving.
Keep growing strong, little one.
All my love,
Mama xxx