The 52 Project: 30/52

 'A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2016.'

Dear Ruby,
I love watching you learn and seeing the ways you explore the world. In the last week or so, you seem to be exploring an enveloping schema, which involves wrapping all manner of things up. You often wrap a quilt inside a swaddling blanket, or an envelope inside another envelope. With this in mind, I thought you might particularly enjoy a treasure hunt using a variety of plastic eggs and jars
with surprises inside them. It took all of about five minutes to prepare this for you to do, and you absolutely loved searching in the alley behind our house for all of the hidden treasure. You then carried on this game after we had finished by collecting blackberries from the bushes in the alley and popping them inside your little eggs. These are the small but significant moments that I love about motherhood.
All my love,
Mummy xxx

Dear Jude,
I have just looked back at the letter I wrote you last week, and shook my head in disbelief when I read that you were becoming happier with sleeping in the sling during the day. Maybe that was the case for a couple of days last week. But this week? Absolutely not the case. The phrase 'sleep fighter' came to mind over, and over, and over again last week. Sometimes you'd take three hours to fall asleep, then nap for forty minutes before waking up, ready to repeat this cycle over and over again until night time. There were a few occasions where I thought I might lose my mind, but thankfully, I am still just about sane. On the bright side, we are clocking up an enormous number of miles walked together. Thank you for putting me through my paces in every respect, little one.

You have started trying to giggle which is the loveliest thing to watch and hear. It mainly involves you doing your ear to ear smile, then taking a sharp intake of breath and making this squeaky sound that's akin to laughing. I love watching your joy develop.

All my love,
Mama xxx
P.S Your eyelashes are phenomenal.