Thursday, 9 June 2016

Self Portraits of Motherhood part one:

This morning as I was trying to coax Ruby into letting me brush her hair, she discovered my camera under the bed and said, 'I take a photo of you and Jude, Mummy.' It took me all of two seconds to decide to prioritise helping Ruby learn a little about photography over brushing her hair.
As you can imagine, handling a DSLR when your hands are the size of a two and a half year old is a bit of a challenge, so I took advantage of the mirror to help Ruby take a photo of all of us. A simple morning portrait of us, not quite ready for the day, but able to make time to take a photo and preserve the memory. Because photos will always outlast my memories of these early days as a family of four when it takes approximately two hours to leave the house with two children.

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  1. 'When your hands are the size of a two and a half year old' – you must be talking about John?