The 52 Project: 22/52

'A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2016.'

Dear Ruby,

This week you got a new (second hand) scooter. You have never asked for anything in a material sense before, but ever since scooters caught your eye on our trips to the park, you have looked at them longingly, and occasionally said, 'I want a scooter.' One of our friends had one that they no longer needed, and very kindly gave it to you. Before you had even seen it, you were incredibly excited about it. You jumped around the garden, saying, 'I'm so excited about my new scooter! I'm so excited!!' I loved seeing your joy, and relished the fact that at the tender age of two and a half, you will not look at this scooter and wish that it was brand new, you will see it for the potential it has to take you places at great speed. Here's to a lifetime of seeing the great potential in everything.

All my love,

Mummy xxx

Dear Jude,
After a few traumatic car journeys last weekend, I have tried to avoid driving with you as much as possible.

You're four weeks into your life on Earth, and honestly? You're looking a little battered by the experience. Your face is covered in lots of little milk spots, your tear ducts have been clogged since two days after birth, and your cheeks bear bright red scratches from your tiny nails, which you flail and claw at your face with when you are upset. Typing those words brings tears to my eyes, little one. You have had quite a tearful week, and I have struggled to find the ways to comfort you. But we're getting to know one another, and I am doing my best to help you when you struggle to sleep.

You were born into water, and to mark three weeks of being born, I gave you your first bath. The warm water has the most beautiful calming effect on you, and we have shared a few baths together this week - the perfect respite at the end of days which feel punctuated by both calm and chaos as I navigate the waters of parenting two children while Daddy is at work. Currently, the things that calm you most effectively are:

1) Being carried in the sling
2) Walking (while in the sling)
3) The hairdryer (which Ruby almost blew up the other day when she switched the temperature to hot instead of cold and put it directly onto the bed sheet!)
4) Being swaddled
5) Bath time

Here's to many years of learning from one another.
All my love,
Mama xxx