The 52 Project: 21/52

 'A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2016.'

Dear Ruby,
This week, we had our house valued by an Estate Agent, and when you looked at the piece of paper with a photo of the front of our house on it, you said,

'Our house looks so lovely Mummy. I like the roof too...and I like the door...I like the windows too...'

I loved listening to your observations about the different parts of our house, and couldn't help but wonder what the house will be like where you make the most memories. If we move in the next couple of years, you won't ever remember this house where you spent the first few years of your life. There's something slightly sad about that.

You have recently started taking an interest in your Jelly Cat rabbit that you've had since you were born. (You've never been attached to any soft toys - your preference has always been for your hard bodied new born baby doll, and no matter how many beautiful clothes Granny makes her, she always ends up naked!) In the last week, you've started calling your rabbit 'little moon bunny', which is influenced by the one and only TV programme you watch - Topsy and Tim. Topsy's bunny has the same name, and you've adopted it for your own bunny. You've also just started calling us 'Mum' and 'Dad'. which also seems to be directly influenced by Topsy and Tim.

Dear Jude,
This week you experienced your first wedding, first visit to London and first time meeting your cousin Carolina (who is currently your only cousin - who knows how many more you'll have by the time you read this!). You didn't particularly enjoy the car journeys - your screaming was enough for me to never want to have to drive anywhere with you again, and make me feel like a terrible Mother for putting you through the stress of being in a car when you really weren't happy about it. I am sorry for doing things that make you cry. 

I took this photo just seconds before you drifted off to sleep in the sling, which is currently your favourite place to sleep. On the whole, you are a very quiet sleeper, although you have got a cold at the moment, which means that you occasionally snuffle like a piglet. 

All my love,
Mama xxx