Monday, 9 May 2016

The 52 Project: 18/52

'A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2016.'

Dear Ruby,
This week started with Granny coming to stay with us to help me look after you until your baby brother arrived. I was 39 weeks pregnant at the start of the week and just starting to find it challenging to keep up with your energy levels! We collected her from the station, and it was so lovely to see the way you greeted her. You spotted Granny coming down the two flights of station stairs, and started to jump up and down, saying, 'Granny's here! Granny's here! Then you ran to give her a hug the moment she got down to the bottom of the stairs. I hope you always have this lovely relationship with your grandparents - they are all truly wonderful people who love you greatly. 

The week ended with me saying goodbye to you after dinner on Saturday evening, so that I could go to the Birth Centre to give birth to your baby brother who we have been talking about for so long. Granny put you to bed on Saturday night, then Daddy got home at 4am on Sunday morning once your brother had been born, so he was there with you when you woke up on Sunday. At 5.30pm on Sunday 1st May, you met your brother for the first time. You wiggled his feet and talked about how he had been in your car seat, then gave him some lovely cuddles. While I was heavily pregnant, it got quite difficult for me to hug you, as there wasn't really space for you to climb onto my lap, and I couldn't pick you up anymore. So we had started having cuddles on the sofa where I could stretch out my legs and you would curl around my bump, then we would read together. Each afternoon, you would say, 'Sit on sofa, have cuddles with Mummy', and I cherished these quiet times together. Now that your brother is here, it's lovely to be able to cuddle you more easily (except for when you want to climb all over me while I'm feeding - that is a whole other challenge).

All my love,

Mummy xxx

Dear Baby,
Welcome to our family, little one! Daddy and I haven't quite decided what your name should be yet, so you mostly get referred to as little one, sweetie pie or baby brother for now. 
You arrived just in time for your first portrait to be taken this week - ever since Ruby was born I have taken weekly portraits of her, with Sunday as the deadline, and you were born at 1.44am on Sunday 1st May. 
It was such a joy to meet you, after having you growing inside of me for the last nine months, and we had a very peaceful first night together. You were born into water with the umbilical cord wrapped around your neck, so you were a little shocked and blue at first, but it didn't take long for you to get some pink colour into your cheeks once the midwives had unwrapped the cord, dried you off and gave you to me for a cuddle. We had a very peaceful first day together at Cossham Birth Centre, just sleeping and feeding and sleeping some more until it was time for us to go home. You have a head full of dark brown hair, just like I had as a baby - quite different from Ruby and Daddy. It's such a joy to have you here and we can't wait to get to know you.

All my love,

Mama xx

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