The 52 Project: 10/52

'A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2016.'

Dear Ruby,
This week's portrait had to be another photo from our trips to the beach during our week in Southbourne. We went to the beach most days at about 4pm during the wonderful golden hour, when the sun shone beautifully while you and Wren happily threw stones into the waves until it was time to go home for dinner. I loved watching the way you were so focused while waiting for the perfect moment to throw the stones you had selected. If a stone didn't quite reach the waves, you'd say, 'Nearly!' then wait for another wave to come before launching another stone to the frothy sea. There was one day when there was a huge amount of sea foam all over the beach, and you commented, 'Just like frothy milk!' I love the way you see things.
I know that this photo is far from perfect in that it is over exposed, but I still love it - I love the way it captures your golden, windswept hair, and the contrast of dark and light between the colour of the groynes and the brightness of sea and sky. I grew up by the sea, and I love that you get to enjoy a taste of the seaside each time we visit your grandparents. Here's to many more hours of throwing stones to the sea and shaking sand from our boots together.
All my love,
Mummy xxx 


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