pregnancy at 32 weeks

+ Having lots of Braxton Hicks in the evenings. I didn't have these with Ruby, so that is one thing that has been different about this pregnancy compared to Ruby's.+ Feeling my skin stretching & wondering how on earth my body will accommodate another 8 weeks of growth. + Feeling full all the time. + Starting to find walking 10k steps a day to be too much for my back to cope with. + Thinking about bulk ordering newborn nappies & baby wipes for early weeks. + Wondering if this baby might just come before 40 weeks. + Praying for a name. + Feeling him hiccup - just on four occasions this last week but definitely a new development. + Wondering if he'll be dark haired like I was as a baby. 
+ Talking most days with Ruby about her baby brother - she is most interested in the fact that he will have my milk. 


This post is now a few weeks out of date - I originally wrote it in the 'Notes' section of my phone, knowing that time is quickly marching forward and I wanted to record the little details like feeling the baby hiccup for the first time (it's now a daily occurrence). But I thought I'd share it anyway for any of you who might be interested, and to break up the 52 Portrait posts!