The 52 Project: 9/52

Dear Ruby,
Some highlights from this week included visiting a Montessori Nursery (you didn't want to leave), going for impromptu walks in the wood at dusk, collecting walking sticks wherever we go, and travelling to Southbourne for our first holiday of the year with our friends Tim, Becky and Wren.
There has been a consistent theme to our conversations this week, which has been about where things have gone.
'Where's Grandad gone? On ship? Where's Tim, Becky, Wren gone? Where's shops gone? Where's park gone? Where's baby gone? Where's bread gone?' 
'Gone' seems to be your default when thinking about the location of where something is. I love witnessing you make sense of the world and the people that are important to you. Keep asking questions, little one.
All my love,
Mummy xxx