The 52 Project: 7/52

'A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2016.'

Dear Ruby,
You have recently become enamoured with two pull along toys that we have had since you were tiny. You like to bring crocodile or giraffe with us when we go for 'just a little walk round block', as you put it. Your crocodile is also a xylophone and click-clacks along in a slightly tuneful way as you pull it along the pavement. Last night, you wanted to take the crocodile to bed with you - I love that of all the things you could choose to take to bed, you want a metal and wooden crocodile. But then again, you have never been into cuddling soft toys or conventional comforters - I have a photo of you from when you were about six months old, asleep in the buggy holding a wine cork!
This photo seemed very fitting for this week's portrait, as it depicts a classic morning scene around here. You are fresh from the shower, only halfway dressed and it took about half an hour to get to this point. On average, it's taken us an hour to get ready for the day each morning this week, because you would just rather get on with other things.
You have recently started using metaphors, making sense of the world around you by comparing one thing to another. What is intriguing is that whenever we talk about how something smells, your one and only comparison is to peanut butter ('smells like peebee butter'). Coffee? Smells like pee bee butter. Chocolate? Smells like pee bee butter. Laundry detergent? Smells like pee bee butter. Perfume? Smells like pee bee butter. Roses? Smells like pee bee butter. I love you.
All my love,
Mummy xxx