self portraiture part three

Way back in February last year, I resolved to try and start taking self portraits of me and my daughter, due to the distinct lack of photos of me in any of our photos. I want my children to be able to look back through the memories that I have captured in photographs and see that I was very much present with them in those moments. I haven't managed to follow through with this with any kind of consistency, but perhaps I can change that this year.
In among all of the grey, rainy days we've been having lately, there was one afternoon last week where the sun came out and flooded our living room with its beautiful golden glow. I picked up my camera and started snapping away, taking photos of Ruby absorbed in her play. Before the light passed, I located my camera remote and invited Ruby to come and use it - she was keen to have a go at taking photos before I even suggested this, so it worked perfectly. The remote is far more manageable for her tiny hands than holding the cumbersome camera is, so she had the joy of taking most of these photos.

I appreciate that they are far from perfect - some are out of focus and my hair is a mess post-swimming lesson - but I am ok with that. Photos are rarely perfect, but the point is that they capture the moment, and that they feature me and my daughter together, which is how we spend our days, but is rarely ever captured.