Pregnancy @ 28 weeks

Dreaming about my daughter having her hands covered in poison ivy and eating Swiss chard tart. I have never come into contact with either of these things. Definitely pregnancy influenced dreams.

Searching for the perfect woven wrap. I love carrying my babies close to me, and am excited to buy a wrap of my own this time around, having borrowed one to use with Ruby.

Managing to walk 10k steps most days. Cycling a little bit.

Reading anything other than pregnancy and parenting books. (Just finished The Rosie Effect and currently reading The Hundred Year Old Man who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared.)

Sewing slings for baby dolls (for Ruby and as gifts).

Studying my Montessori course in every spare naptime and evening. Feeling the baby kicks are going to be synonymous with my studying during this pregnancy, as it's in these pockets of time when I am still that I feel him move the most.

Imagining what this labour and birth will be like compared to Ruby's (and looking forward to the prospect of trying to have a home birth again).

Wearing maternity leggings pretty much constantly. I love them.

Baking lots of salted caramel brownies and posting them around the UK (you can order them here).

Taking iron supplements, due to a drop in my iron levels since the first trimester.

Feeling like I should be sewing for this baby, but needing to prioritise studying.