The 52 Project: 5/52

'A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2016.'

Dear Ruby,
This is a photo of you after your swimming lesson, hair still slightly damp, wearing the birthday dress that I bought for your second birthday and you declined to wear, because you had been so eager to see your friends. Your energy never ceases to amaze me. After a forty minute swim, you insisted on running the entire way home from the swimming pool. Keep running, little one, you're fantastic at it. You have started saying, 'I strong, Mummy', and I love that you have no doubts over the strength of your beautiful body. I pray that this will always be the case.
You managed to fall asleep on your bike seat this week on a short cycle home, much to my amazement, and were so deeply asleep that I was able to take your bike helmet, shoes and coat off to put you into your bed without you waking from your slumber. Here's to enjoying that beautiful sleepy feeling that comes over both of us when we're in motion (don't worry, I won't ever fall asleep while cycling with you!).
All my love,
Mummy xxx