The 52 Project: 3/52

'A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2016.'

Dear Ruby,
I love your bed hair that you wake up with each morning. Today I thought I'd write a little list for you about some of the things you are doing and enjoying these days you...

1) Ask to pray before every meal, and often say, 'pray again' after we have said 'Amen'.
2) Are almost potty trained!
3) Write letters to Tim, Becky and Wren almost daily. It's lovely to see that you are growing up to love our friends as much as we do, and like sending them snail mail.
4) Love to help in the kitchen with every task - grinding coffee beans, washing up, sweeping, cleaning cupboards, chopping vegetables and stirring the food on the hob.
5) Have started noticing hydrangeas everywhere since I taught you what they are. When you spot another hydrangea bush it sounds like you're saying, 'I see Jesus!'
6) Jump into the swimming pool with the confidence of an Olympian and the grace of a seal, complete with a 180 degree rotation mid air.
7) Describe seals swimming underwater at the zoo: 'they're dancing, Mummy!'
8) Love looking at the clouds (just like me): 'wow, clouds moving, Mummy. I showing baby (doll). Wow, pink. Some clouds move round, yeh. Sometimes clouds move round too, Mummy.'
9) Keep asking to read the story of Goldilocks and the three bears.
10) Read yourself to sleep.
11) Wake up and say from the top of the stairs, 'Daddy! I up so high!'

All my love,
Mummy xxx