Sunday, 3 January 2016

The 52 Project: 1/52

'A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2016.'

Dear Ruby,
I wasn't intending on taking another year's worth of portraits of you this year. But then, I changed my mind. After dinner this evening while you were waiting for your rice pudding to finish cooking, you asked to look at photo books with me. You chose to look at a book of photos that I took between January and April 2015, and a couple of times you looked at photos of yourself and said, 'funny face!' You weren't pulling funny faces in the photos, but your appearance has changed a lot in the last year. It is so interesting to hear your reflections on your younger self. It's moments like these that make me realise how worthwhile it is to continue with The 52 Project - just knowing that you enjoy looking back through old photos and that we get to do this together is very precious to me. 
I took this photo on a walk we went on in Snuff Mills this afternoon. You relished the opportunity to run free, watch the fast flowing river and jump in every puddle you laid eyes on. Here's to seizing opportunities to enjoy the last light of the day with a walk outdoors and be astonished by the daffodils that are confused about what time of year it is.
All my love,
Mummy xxx

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