The 52 Project: 51/52

'A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2015.'

Dear Ruby, 
This is the penultimate letter that I will write to you this year. At the end of 2015, I am planning to change tack slightly with the way I document your growth and our life together, so I won't be taking the weekly portraits that have featured in your life since you were born. I hope you don't feel sad about this, however old you might be right now as you read this, it's just that after two years of weekly portraits, I need a fresh perspective. I adore trying to capture your personality and beauty with my camera, and I will still do this, but just in a slightly different way. 
You spend a lot of time jumping these days - at the park, at home on the bed and off the sofa, at swimming, jumping into the water, and just anywhere you feel like jumping, you go for it. 
These days, you spend a lot of time repeating things that we have said, and adding your own lovely flair to them. One of my favourite conversations today was with Granny and Grandad, talking about chutney. Grandad was intrigued to discover that you liked chutney, and he asked if the one we were eating was spicy, considering that it was piri piri flavour. I described it as having a 'gentle fire' to it, and right on cue, you said, 'yeh, gentle fire. Chutney. Gentle fire.' 
I love you and your words, little one.

All my love,