The 52 Project: 49/52

'A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2015.'

Dear Ruby,
You will know by now that I like to write you letters. I have spent the last two years and nine months writing letters to you at least once a week.) Often, I start composing these letters in my head well before I have the opportunity to put pen to paper - or in this case - fingers to keyboard. A couple of days before your second birthday, I started writing a letter to you in my head about some of the moments of this last year that have stuck with me. One of those moments was our trip to A&E in August after you fell off our wall while watching hot air balloons, and cracked open your eyebrow. In my head, the letter went a bit like this...

'Dear Ruby,
Your second year of life involved your first trip to A&E  - in my whole life I have only wound up in A&E once and that was when I was about 12 - I forced a ring onto my finger that was far too small and my finger swelled up quite dramatically. So, we're 1-1 at the moment, and I really hope that we never have to take you to A&E again.'

Well, two days after your second birthday, and guess where we ended up at bedtime? Bristol Children's Hospital A&E. It was the most minor accident imaginable, but we thought you might have broken your wrist. You were clearly in a lot of pain, so we told you we would take you to a Doctor at the hospital to help your wrist get better. On the car journey there, you kept talking about this, saying, 'See Doctor...Better.' Fortunately, you didn't need a cast on your arm, although you might have a very tiny fracture. Please can we make that the last trip to hospital for your second year of life?

I think my favourite sentence so far that you have uttered since turning two is, 'I did it with one hand!' The day after we had taken you to hospital, you were very reluctant to use your left hand at all, so were attempting to manage everything with one hand. You clearly felt quite a sense of achievement each time you managed to do something that you normally use two hands for, and said this sentence a lot on Tuesday morning. There is another phrase that you have started to use a lot, which Daddy and I are also quite fond of - recently you have started spending the whole night in your own bed. The first time that you did this was very exciting for Daddy and I, and in the morning when you came into our room, we said how exciting it was that you had spent the whole night in your own bed. Well, you have adopted this phrase and made it your own, and even when it's 3.20am and you come running down the corridor to climb into our bed, you like to tell me, 'Whole bed!' then fall back to sleep between me and Daddy. I can assure you, 3.20am doesn't constitute a whole night's sleep, but we're getting there, little one, and I love the way that you talk about it.

All my love,

Mummy xxx