The 52 Project: 46/52

'A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2015.'

Dear Ruby,
Every Tuesday morning, we go to a singing group, and each week we sing a song about what the weather is like that day. You love this song, and as a result, we sing it multiple times every day. Each time, we talk about what colour the sky is, and what the weather is like. Without fail, you say the sky is blue, and the weather is sunny. Well, for the last few weeks, the weather has been the complete opposite of this. It's been grey, windy, and most definitely rainy. You bring one of your baby dolls into the kitchen, sit her on your lap and ask for the 'ra-ra' (weather) song. 

Despite all of the wind and rain, we have still spent plenty of time outdoors. On one of our many trips to the park this week, we collected leaves, and brought them home to decorate with glitter glue. I loved seeing how intensely you concentrated while decorating them. If we had a whole forest of leaves to decorate, I think you would happily keep going until you had covered every last one of them in gold and green glitter. 

You have also found great enjoyment in painting this week. This is something we have only just started doing, despite intending on introducing you to the wonders of paint a long time ago. On Saturday morning after we had finished our raspberry pancakes, you and Daddy spent an entire hour painting together, making beautiful patterns, prints, swirls and hand prints with your choice of colours. I hope that you never lose courage to be creative. 

All my love,


  1. Oh she is lovely! That picture makes me smile, thank you!


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