The 52 Project: 43/52

'A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2015.'

Dear Ruby,
I took this photo of you at the farm - you were at the top of a high slide, ready to come whizzing down. I love this photo for the way it captures the light, your hair colour and your confidence. 

I have always wanted to give you space to explore, not wanting to stick to your side when you are playing as I know this can be a hindrance, but lately, your adventurous spirit has caused me to have a few heart-in-mouth, stomach-sinking moments, where you have run off, and I have momentarily lost you. During our trip to the farm, you managed to escape from the playground and out onto the pavement twice, and I found you running down the road, away from the farm. Mothers need eyes like hawks, and legs like cheetahs to ensure the safety of their children.

All my love,

Mummy xxx