Taking a break

When I was 19 I moved away from home to start university in a city that was unfamiliar, and I started writing a blog as a way of keeping my family up to date with what I was doing. Those early blog posts are long gone now, as I used to write on a different blogging platform, which I don't think exists anymore. I grew to love writing as a way of processing life, and creating a documentation of things I was doing and making and learning. That was eleven years ago. Eleven years. That is a very long time. I am so glad that I have taken time to write some of my stories from the last decade here on this space, but in all honesty? Lately, I've lost my rhythm. In a time when we have a young family, I still have the desire to document our life, perhaps now more than ever. But I have often felt torn between how much I want to share the details of our lives in a public space like this, and how much I want to write the details of our lives down, just for us to look at and reminisce on. I think that by giving myself permission to take a break from writing here, I will get more from writing just for me and my family - not needing to think about who might be reading these words and the kind of editing my words that comes naturally with writing a blog for all the world to see.

Recently, I have been finding it harder to make time for blogging. My little baking business is thriving and takes up a lot of my 'free' time in the evenings and during Ruby's naptime, and I have just started a distance learning course in Montessori Education. I am very thankful for how my business is growing, and the opportunity to study again, but it does mean that something has to give. And it seems that blogging is something I need to let go of for now.

I will continue to post each Sunday for The 52 Project until the end of the year, as I will be continuing on with this project regardless, so it makes sense to continue sharing the photos and letters to Ruby.

This is not a decision to stop blogging completely - I am sure there will be things I want to write about in this space - but I have decided to be pro-active and respond to that niggle that I often have that I have been neglecting this space. While stopping blogging might not seem pro-active as such, for me, it is, because it means that I am allowing myself to acknowledge that I simply can't do everything I would like to, and that I no longer have the words I once did to write in this space. Although the comments section on my blog has always been a very quiet space, I know that many of you stop by here regularly to read my posts, and I really do appreciate that you take an interest in my words, photos and recipes. Thank you so much for reading this little blog of mine, and if you would still like to see what I am up to when I am not writing much here, please feel free to connect with me on Instagram - you can find me as @hannahruthking. 


  1. Glad you are following your inner instincts Hannah. Be blessed x


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