a breath of fresh air

Every month, my in-laws come to stay for a couple of days so that I can hold a pop up bakery day for my business, Milk & Honey Bakes. I am so thankful to them for making it possible for me to run a small business, and for the time Ruby gets to spend with them each month. They came to stay this week, and I took the opportunity to go for a walk by myself, once all of my baking deliveries were complete. It felt like such a simple indulgence to be able to walk around in the sunshine with nothing to carry except for my camera. I absolutely love spending my days with my daughter, but as I am sure most parents will tell you, having a moment of uninterrupted time takes on a truly beautiful meaning once children fill your days.

On my walk, the air was cool and the shadows cast by the sun through trees were long - a sure sign that Winter is on its way. I really enjoy this change of seasons from Summer to Autumn, and so I took a stroll through some leafy pathways, looking out for leaves that are changing colour, heralding the new season.
Fresh air. Bright blue skies. Colourful leaves. Light and shadows. These things are tonic to my soul.