Sunday, 30 August 2015

The 52 Project: 35/52

'A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2015.'

Dear Ruby,
At the start of this week, there were a few things that I knew would be happening:
1) We would see your good friend Immi at least once.
2) You would talk about Auntie Hannah and Choc the dog at least fifty times.
3) We would be having a new boiler fitted (dull, but true).

One thing that I definitely did not anticipate was that we would be taking you to A&E at bedtime on Saturday evening. We had spent a wonderful afternoon with friends, then when we arrived home, you and Daddy sat outside watching the hot air balloons fly over our city. Somehow, you managed to somersault over the railings at the end of our wall and split your eyebrow open. Your bravery and resilience never cease to amaze me, little one. You handled the whole experience with such calmness (except for the part where the nurse had to glue your eyebrow back together), and in spite of going to bed five hours later than normal, you acted like it was just another day, playing happily with toys and the two other children who also needed to see the Doctor. Please can you hold off from attempting any more somersaults anytime soon?

All my love,
Mama xxx

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