The 52 Project: 32/52

Dear Ruby,
This week has been full of adventure for you, and you have taken all of it in your stride. (Almost.) On Monday, you experienced your first aeroplane flight to Italy. In fact, we flew on two planes to get here - on the first flight you fell asleep the minute we were airborne, and only woke up when we had to strap you back in for landing in Munich. You loved talking about how the plane went 'bump, bump, bump' as we came in to land on the runway. 

We have spent the week in Villanova on the South Coast of Italy, and it is much, much hotter here than it is at home. I had worried that we didn't have enough clothes that would keep you cool, but I needn't have worried. It is so hot that you spend all day in just your nappy, except for when we go to the beach, when you wear your sun suit. You have coped remarkably well with the heat (it's 47°C in the sunshine, and even the water is as hot as 29°C), until yesterday, when you had a meltdown that was so out of character for you. As a result, you ended up having a power nap at 6pm to cope.

One of the things you have loved doing while we've been in Italy is riding in a bike seat. You love it so much that you often don't want to get out of it once we have got back to the villa. When we go to the beach, you are quite happy to play with the sand, but you regard the sea with great caution. I can completely understand this - it must seem overwhelming looking at this great expanse of water that creates waves that are slightly unpredictable. 

We have another week here before we go home and I am sure that it will be filled with plenty more sand, sun, pizza, pasta, cheese and water play.

All my love,
Mama xxx