Before we came away on holiday to Italy, I had assumed that I would not have the opportunity to write any blog posts, but it turns out that I have had far more time than I had imagined. It is incredibly hot here - at 47°C in the sunshine even the Italians are saying it's too hot. As a result of the high temperatures and holidaying with a toddler who still naps, our days have taken on a very leisurely pace. However, we have managed a couple of outings to Ostuni and Alberobella. I was so taken with the unique buildings in Alberobella that I will save those for another post.

Ostuni is famous for its collection of white buildings, and can be seen from miles around. We mainly explored the historical centre, which consists of a series of very narrow, steep stone paths lined with little shops, and leading up to various viewpoints across Puglia. Once we had admired the views and visited the Cathedral, we made a customary visit to a gelateria. When there is no air conditioning or breeze to cool down, gelato makes a very good alternative!