On Tuesday, the morning began just as nearly every morning has since we arrived. Ruby woke up, asked for 'dood, dood, dood' (food), and went to find her Granny and Grandad who were sleeping on the veranda. They took Ruby to the beach at 6.30am, which is the best time to enjoy the coolest part of the day. For breakfast, Mary went out to buy some fresh croissants  it's quite traditional here to have croissants filled with jam, chocolate or custard, so Mary bought half filled with chocolate and half that were plain.

For the first time since we have arrived, the sky was overcast. The previous night when we had been swimming in the sea at sunset, John had pointed out the shape of the clouds, and predicted that there would be a storm. It seemed so hard to imagine, after the consistent sunshine and unrelenting heat, that it might rain. But it turns out that he was absolutely right. Just as we were packing up our things to go on a trip to Lecce, the thunder started rolling and rumbling, and the sky was filled with lightening bolts. Then came the rain. It absolutely poured, and we all gathered on the veranda to watch the rivers forming and the heavy rain pounding on the cars.

Once the rain had relented slightly, we drove in the two cars to Lecce, which is one of the two cities in Puglia. It took an hour and twenty minutes to get there, and it was still raining when we arrived. Marion bought an umbrella for €5 from a street vendor to keep a couple of us slightly dry. We ate at a wonderful restaurant called Camillo. The food was delicious and the red wine was so good. It was called Vereto Salice Salentino Reserva 2010.
After lunch we wandered the streets of Lecce and visited a couple of churches. The architecture was incredible, but we were often more focussed on making sure Ruby stayed safe, than on taking in the sights. Mary had been craving a Puglian pastry called Pasta Ciotto all week, and finally found somewhere that sold them, so she bought eight so that we could all try them. By the time we walked back to the car, Ruby was so tired that she fell asleep in John's arms and slept for the duration of the car journey home.