On Sunday afternoon, a few of us visited Alberobella, which is an hours drive away from Villanova where we are staying. The drive there was beautiful - views of olive groves and smattering a of Trulli that characterise Alberobella. Trulli are the round houses that were built in the eighteenth century, with very thick stone walls that keep them cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. They also have conical roofs which are topped with stone symbols that carry various religious meaning. 

For the first time since we arrived, the temperature was actually bearable to be walking around in at 5pm in the afternoon. Like a classic tourist, I saw something in the first shop we visited and bought it, only to discover that every single other gift shop sold the same item for less than half the price I paid! There were so many beautiful doorways and alleyways, I got a little carried away with taking photos to try and capture this unique town.
We ended our time in Alberobello with some gelato at a cafe called Arte Fredda. Their speciality flavours were almond and pistachio, but I opted for strachiatella and bacio, which is a chocolate and hazelnut nut gelato.