The 52 Project: 28/52

'A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2015.'

Dear Ruby,
This might look like just another field that you are running in, but there is a bit more history to it than meets the eye. Daddy used to come here a lot in his childhood when he was visiting his grandparents. They lived in a beautiful home by the River Thames called Cariad Cottage. On Saturday, we came to visit your Great Grandad (Daddy’s Grandad). He no longer lives in Cariad Cottage, but he hasn’t moved far away, so before we visited him, we came for a walk here at Lardon Chase. We ate a picnic of pizza under a giant tree, while sitting on some very dry, very prickly grass, then you ran down the hill and stuck your finger in some cow pat. Just delightful. I can officially say that this is something I have never done, so good work on doing something  in your twenty months on earth that your Mama never has in thirty years of life.
All my love,
Mama xx

P.S In other news, you learnt to say, ‘Hannah’ this week after Auntie Hannah popped round. You didn’t even see her, you just heard her voice, and when she had left, you pointed at the door and said, ‘Hannah’, perfectly pronounced and clear as day. It was a lovely moment.