#lifecapturedproject: what do you usually eat for breakfast?

I am very much a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast. For as long as I can remember, I have eaten homemade granola for this first meal of the day. My Mum used to make enormous batches of granola for the whole family, and I think my sister was the only one of the four children who didn't like it. Growing up, we always sprinkled our bowl of granola with grape nuts and doused it in milk. I have only ever met one other person who eats grape nuts. Obviously there must be plenty of people who do, otherwise shops wouldn't sell it, but in my experience, it seems a fairly unusual choice of breakfast cereal. When I think about what breakfast time was like as a child, I remember reading the information on the back of the box of grape nuts over and over again. The makers of grape nuts proudly stated that they 'stayed deliciously crunchy in milk', and this is exactly what I loved about them. I cannot stand soggy cereal, and I am yet to find another cereal that does not turn soggy within a few minutes of sitting in milk.

When I moved away from home to start university, one of the few recipes that I saw as essential for my survival was my Mum's granola. It was so simple. Two mugs of oats, two mugs of flour, a fifth of a mug of honey & the same of sunflower oil. Mix and bake then sprinkle the batch with sunflower seeds. Simple and cheap. As an undergraduate student with very little money, there were some days where all of my meals consisted of the good granola. These days, I make bigger batches and use more oats than flour. I also use pumpkin seeds, pine nuts and flaxseed, and top it all off with sultanas and greek yoghurt. It's simple and my father in law describes it as horse food, but I love it. Always have and always will.

The other essential part of my breakfast is coffee. Before I had Ruby, I would always drink my coffee at the same time as my cereal, but now that rarely happens. I am also rather particular about how I have my coffee. We drink Monmouth coffee, which I have to buy from London, as nowhere in Bristol sells it, and I always have it with frothy milk. Our friends who live in London are entirely to blame for my addiction  love of Monmouth coffee, as they gifted it to me for a birthday a couple of years ago. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. It might be simple, but I love it this way.


  1. This must have been your dream question to write about! You're a wonderful woman Mrs King xxx

  2. I saw an old friend the other day & we were comparing the delights of Monmouth coffee with a coffee called Grumpy Mule!!! Monmouth won hands down! I usually skip breakfast during the week (gasp!!!) or just have a cereal bar as by the time I've got J & B sorted it's time to head out of the door, but really must make more effort as I know how important it is....and your granola looks delicious! xx


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