When I go running among the ancient trees and searching for the places where the light falls beautifully, I am in my happy place. Nine times out of ten, I have to talk myself into going for a run. Even though I know that running makes me feel good, I still need a lot of convincing. Today's run has taken me two days to talk myself into. I always want to give up quickly. But I have learnt over the years to keep going for longer than five minutes because it is always worth it. 

Running has always followed this pattern of paradoxes for me. It's hard but it gets easier. It can be ugly & messy but then there is always some kind of beauty to be found. It can be quiet & loud, exhausting & refreshing. It takes perseverance & pushing, which is not easy, but then any kind of refining process is not pain free but the end product is remarkable. It's these lessons that keep me running. And I keep writing these lessons down because I need to be reminded again and again that it is good for me.