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Back in April, I wrote about having a simple creative goal in order to help me complete some of the sewing projects I had already started, and hoped to start. When I wrote that post, my main focus had been to make three quilts by the end of 2015. I made a start on my second quilt for 2015 soon after writing about my creative goal, and got to the stage of having sixteen blocks of the quilt made. Then I hit a bit of a wall, and I realised that perhaps it wasn't so much about making quilts, more, just a desire to make something from scratch and see it through to a completion. 
Soon after making my goal to sew three quilts this year, I attended a workshop where I learned how to follow a pattern and make a dress for Ruby. I really enjoyed learning some new skills and having a lovely dress at the end of the workshop, but it was a fairly complex pattern, and it reinforced my desire to not fuss to much about details, but just to get something made. So I went in search of a very simple dress pattern and tutorial online, and found one for a crossover pinafore. In the last couple of weeks, I have made another one of these crossover pinafore's for my goddaughter, pictured on Ruby below.
I then discovered a pattern for a very simple pinafore dress which a friend of mine had made. I didn't really want to spend money on buying a pattern, but knew that if I wanted to find a simpler pattern than the dress I had made at the sewing workshop, I either needed to wing it and sew a dress based on one of Ruby's existing dresses, or spend a few pounds. I opted for the latter, as I didn't want to risk wasting precious fabric! The pattern can be found here: Reversible baby dress.
Although the pattern is designed to be reversible, I have to confess I went for the lazy option of using poppers to fasten the dress instead of buttons, so it can only be worn one way. I have made two of these - one for Ruby and one for our goddaughter, and have another one in progress.
So, I am a long way off completing any quilts this year, but I am still managing to make things. I just need to make a plan for when and how I am going to sew those quilts, and also maybe an incentive would help. Chocolate. That always helps.


  1. These are adorable dresses and your daughter is soooo precious!

  2. These are adorable dresses and your daughter is soooo precious!


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