#lifecapturedproject // what outdoor activities do you enjoy?

As I write this, the view from my window is filled with grey skies and raindrops. This is fairly typical of England in the Summer months. One day it can be gloriously hot and sunny, and then the next day, the sun is nowhere to be seen. On days like today, the last thing I want to do is set foot outside. But I will, because I take my daughter to a singing group every Tuesday, and we always walk.Since having my daughter, I have done more walking than I have in probably the last ten years. At first, I had to talk myself into walking instead of driving, but the more I walked, the more I wanted to walk. Even on days like today, I know that half an hour of walking to our singing class will help me feel refreshed. I also love the opportunity to admire all of the flowers filling the front gardens of the homes I walk past. Invariably, I stop to take a photo.

I started running regularly about eleven years ago. While the amount I run has ebbed and flowed hugely over the years, it is something I still love to do. It gives me time to think clearly, and makes me feel weak and strong and happy and sad and a whole lot in between. I love that about running.

My favourite light to take photos in has always been natural light. A few years ago, I went through a season of going for photo walks. The last time I did this, my daughter was seven days old, and I can still remember clearly how much I enjoyed walking around our neighbourhood taking photos of the things that caught my eye. The experience was made that much sweeter by having my newborn baby tucked up snugly and sleeping soundly in a sling. Although it has been a long time since going for a photo walk, I still love to take photos outdoors, and do so most days.

I feel like there should be a lot more activities to add to this list, and I also think that if I were writing this on a sunny day, it would look very different. But I suppose that I quite like realising how the weather affects what I enjoy doing. All of the things I have written about today are activities I enjoy doing in the rain and the sun. I know that there are plenty more activities that I love to do outside, but I think I need the sun to shine to remind me of these.

(All of the photos in this post were taken with my iPhone 4s. While I love my DSLR, I am so grateful to be able to always have a camera at my fingertips, thanks to my phone.)