#lifecapturedproject // how are you feeling today?

I feel calm and tired and relaxed. 
Today is the third day of our holiday in Bournemouth. I am grateful for the way the slow pace of being on holiday allows for me to more fully acknowledge how I am feeling and to respond accordingly. Like so many parents of young children, sleep deprivation has become a familiar feeling, and the weight of tiredness ebbs and flows throughout the day. But today, there is an extra feeling of grogginess that I can't quite shake. I wonder if this is the result of doubling up on hay fever medication in an effort to alleviate the incessant sneezing and itching in my nose and throat. Or was it the early start I had, followed by a run in the sun? Either way, the cause of the tiredness doesn't really matter. What I am grateful for, is the opportunity to embrace the tiredness, and take an afternoon nap.
There is a calmness in the air and the ocean today that has remained, and I am sure that this helps contribute to my feeling of being relaxed and calm. In the few weeks preceding our holiday, that feeling of needing a rest had been quietly creeping up on me. Having time with family and friends to laugh more, eat more and rest more is so refreshing, and fulfills my need to slow down and share life with others. 


  1. Bethany Seymour30 June 2015 at 14:52

    The journey of motherhood with small children has those highs and lows. I'm dealing with the same tiredness. It looks as if I am seeing my future. In a few short weeks, we are off to the beach with family and friends. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing your sweet and honest words. If you're on Instagram, you can find me there @bethanibrooke.


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