Homemade Ice Cream

I recently discovered that it is possible to by an ice cream attachment for my favourite kitchen took - my Kenwood Chef Titanium. My mother in law had been given the attachment as a gift, and presented us with an array of about seven different ice cream flavours to try. They were all so delicious, that I decided to invest in the attachment, so that we could experiment with making our own. We don't even eat that much ice cream, but I loved the prospect of trying something new, so we went ahead and bought one. 
I have never been a fan of fruit flavoured ice cream, mainly because they taste so artificially sweet, and I much prefer the natural sweetness of the fruit by itself. But homemade strawberry ice cream? Oh my. I love it. It consists of 400g of fresh strawberries, juice of half a lemon, 200ml double cream and 75g caster sugar. Simple. 

So far in our experimenting we have only tried three flavours, and our opinions are as follows:
// Chocolate // Used 50% cocoa solids and the result was quite sweet. Next time, try higher cocoa content (70%?) and less sugar.

// Strawberry // Pretty great. No obvious changes needed, but maybe reduce sugar quantity and see how it changes the flavour and consistency.

// Coconut & lime // Lime was definitely the predominant flavour. We used coconut powder + milk. Perhaps next time try using coconut milk for a richer coconut flavour. Also try less sugar.