weekend walks

When we bought our house two years ago, one of the compromises was that we weren't going to be living near any green spaces. At our previous home, we had a beautiful woods right next door, and Blaise Castle was a short run away. I knew that we would really miss these places of beauty, but there always has to be some compromise in house buying, and this was one we had to make. Shortly after we moved, we discovered Stoke Park, which is a two acre estate of lush parkland and woodland, just a mile away from our house.  
It was such a great discovery, and I never get bored of going there. On Sunday afternoon when we were all feeling a bit lethargic, we decided to make an impromptu trip to the park to make the most of the sunshine. I am so glad we made the small effort to go there, because it was just what I needed. Fresh air, sunshine, trees & family. The grass has been allowed to grow, so it is filled with wildflowers, and is beginning to feel like a meadow. I loved watching Ruby walk through grass that was as high as her waist, and seeing her discover the joy of dandelion clocks. She spent ages brushing her hands against them and watching the clocks fly away. I hope we manage a lot more of these weekend walks over the Summer months.